My name is AfroGeekChick and I started Blogging.

Hello! Not sure how you found this, but welcome! I’m AfroGeekChick and this is my blog.

I’ve wanted to start a blog since forever but didn’t know where to go or how to really start. A great friend of mine (Hi Jess!) started a blog a few days/weeks ago to talk about Huntington’s Disease or HD, and it really inspired me to turn to WordPress and start something.

Well first things first, what is my blog? My blog is a space for me to share my creativity as an avid crafter, seamstress (in training lol), makeup addict, cosplayer, and a black girl who loves her natural hair and wants to share my experiments with products and styles.

Do I claim to be an expert in any of the many hats I wear? No, not really. Every day I’m learning something new or a new method about something, and I want to share it with folks so others can learn as well.

I guess another reason is to help spread the word that black cosplayers or black anime fans, especially black women, exist and do great things. It never really dawned on me until I started cosplaying a few years ago how little you see black cosplayers shown or talked about in a positive light. If someone like me cosplays a black or “black” character everything is fine, but the moment we step outside the box and cosplay a “white” character, the critics come hard and fast. Regardless to how much time and effort was put into the costume or prop, down to the smallest details only known if you read the manga, the whole cosplay and cosplayer would get torn apart on cosplay ‘wall of shame’ sites or in a Reddit thread.

If it is talked about or shown in a positive light, it doesn’t last very long. The attention dies and focus goes back to a cosplayer who is more “accurate” in the sense of skin tone. Same can be applied to makeup and the black woman.

“You’re too dark for that shade.”

“Red lipstick doesn’t look good on a black chick.”

“Omg you’re wearing green lipstick? That’s so ghetto/ratchet!”

Not saying this happens to me or often, but the fact that it happens sucks and it needs to not be a thing.

The point is, do whatever feels right for you. If you want to cosplay as Sailor Venus and you’re a black girl, go for it! You want to wear a red lip and your skin is a very sexy deep chocolate-brown, why not? Do you! Be happy doing you and know that you’re not alone.

This blog. My Blog. Will be filled (hopefully anyway XD) with all my cosplay adventures, makeup finds and tips, random things I’m crafting or cooking, or anime and manga feelz of joy or doom. All not exclusive JUST to the black girl but to everyone who wants to read it. Any cosplayer, crafter, builder, anime lover, manga reader, etc who stumbled on my instagram and want to know how I made this or stitched that or if you too think the ending to Tokyo Ghoul season 2 was janky and you ran to the manga to figure out WTH happened! Or if you too just discovered Worbla recently and want to get down with the magic. You’re not alone, I start playing with it next month and I WILL talk about it here!

My blog is also here to empower and encourage the many black women I know and don’t know to do whatever weird, geeky, nerdy thing they want to do that is creative and crafty and fun. Don’t let the negativity of others stop you from being who you are or do what you what you love doing. There may not be many of us but we’re all here and in this together. Cannon or not, we’re here and we love to be here.

I am a cosplayer who is a black woman. I will talk about a new anime I watched or manga I read at work. New makeup products I’m a fan of or just bought and want to share. I will share easy tricks to know for sewing a corset or how much I hate doing sleeves and how harsh duck fabric is. I will be completely random and tell you why my day was either awesome or an epic fail because of a heat gun mishap (here’s hoping that will NEVER happen!!) I am AfroGeekChick, welcome to my blog.



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